Pauline Webb for proffesional Decluttering and Organising

Hello, I’m Pauline.
I am a Professional Declutterer and Home Organiser based in Nottingham.

There are many occasions in our lives that we can benefit from decluttering and reorganising our personal space.

This could be for a variety of different reasons, and everybody's home, and requirements are different.

I provide a trustworthy and discreet service to anyone who wishes to make a change in their home to create a space they love and feel more comfortable in.

So if you have ever felt overwhelmed or anxious about change, I can help you make decisions about your possessions and your space.

I have experience with working in a variety of environments, with people of all ages, from home offices and kitchens to bedrooms, wardrobes and living spaces.


I am open minded and non-judgmental whilst also being an inspirational and supportive person who looks forward to working with you.

So let me help to empower you to create a functional home, with systems in place to free up your valuable time and maybe even save you money in the long run.
I was always a homemaker as a child, and that included everywhere from my bedroom to the garden shed!

I trained in all areas of the hospitality industry including housekeeping, reception and kitchens..

I chose to become a chef!

Organisational skills, planning, creating and time management have been key in this profession.

Pauline Webb for proffesional Decluttering and Organising

Call me for a free no obligation chat about your Decluttering and Organising requirements.

What Clients are Saying about Pauline

Pauline is brilliant and 100% supportive. I had an office & craft room that was in a terrible mess and couldn’t be used for either, and due to ongoing health issues I wasn’t able to sort it out by myself.

Full testimonial

I found Pauline’s help absolutely invaluable. I probably would still not have got round to organising the stuff in the garage without her, but she came in, took a look, got stuck in and ‘hey presto’ the floor was cleared in just a few hours.

Full testimonial

You're ready to commit
to a real change

Why Choose Me

I am a fully insured, DBS checked, Professional Organiser who will work by your side at a pace that is comfortable for you.

You're ready to commit to a real change

  • You're simply feeling stuck?
  • You want more space in your home, and are overwhelmed as to where to start?
  • You'd prefer to have someone to share the workload with?
  • You are considering moving home. Perhaps you are downsizing to a smaller property. Whether imminent or you are planning ahead I can support you to make those often tough decisions on what to take with you and how it will work in your new space.’
  • Physical or mental health issues make it hard for you to do it alone?
  • The kids have left home and you can reclaim a space for another use, or maybe they're still around but have grown out of many possessions?
  • Maybe you've lost a loved one. Working through personal items can be an emotional time and you might like the mental and emotional support that an Organiser can bring?

There is no need to feel uneasy.

Calling an Organiser is no different to any other service.

If you can't do it alone, you find someone who can help.


I am empathetic, patient and adaptable to working at a pace that suits you.

Interested in working with me?
Here’s how!

I always offer a Free 20 minute discovery session.
Contact me now to book a time!

My hour rate is £40 per hour (minimum booking 2.5 hours) £100
Prices quoted for 1 to 1 sessions in your home cover a 10-15 mile radius of NG5. For further distances please ask.

40 minute consultation

A 40 minute Zoom consultation £28.
This will be refunded if a 6 hour session is booked within 3 weeks.
6 hrs £240
So you would pay £212.

Big impact sessions

4 x 6 hour sessions: £900
This would be ideal for anyone who knows they will need to make a big impact in a relatively short time.
Either sorting a loved one’s possessions, preparing to move, unpacking into a new home or just a full kitchen, bedroom or wardrobe blitz.

(£225 non refundable deposit would be paid in advance to secure your dates with me.)

Zoom call

40 minute virtual decluttering and organising £25

Telephone call

30 minute telephone calls are £15

All sessions are bespoke so do let’s chat.

Contact Me

For a free no obligation chat about your Decluttering
and Organising requirements call me.

Telephone: 07498 879283
Pauline Webb for proffesional Decluttering and Organising

Call me for a free no obligation chat about your Decluttering and Organising requirements

“Pauline helped me resolve a practical problem, first by giving me the time to look at a number of choices and finally we found the simplest and best way of dealing with it, not just in the present, but how to solve it in the future. What a relief!”

Joan, 92

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Pauline Webb
Practical Help for Decluttering and Organising

Email:   |   Tel: 07498 879283

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